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against the gods comrade mao

When he entered a room to cultivate, he was astonished by what he saw. Night mode. He sets Ming Xiao a blaze with the Dark Golden Crow flames before piercing Fairy Zixuan's heart because she attacked him. After this fight, Shui Meiyin became Yun Che's fiancee. Thereafter Jasmine teaches Yun Che his first Profound Skill, Star God’s Broken Shadow, which is a Profound Movement Skill. Yun Che meets with He Ling and told her about tragedy of the Wood Spirit Race in Darkya Realm which made He Ling loose will for life. Mao's only official post after that was Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party's Central Committee. Mythical Abode Mountain, Cloud’s End Cliff, the most dangerous of Azure Cloud Continent’s four deadly areas. After that, he heard from Qin Wuyou that the team going to the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament at Heavenly Sword Villa was about to depart. Jie Yuan told him that the current World of Primal Chaos has an enormous secret and a great hidden danger. Visiting a small town, he sees again Mu Feixue and saves her when her life was threatened by Divine Sovereign Realm profound beast. MultipleOrange (With no Evil Gates Open) Yun Che fused with 2 drops of the origin devil blood of Jie Yuan while the third drop is left for Yun Che's cultivation cauldron. After Yun Che was attacked by the Desolate Sky Dragon Lord, Yun Che uses the Dragon God Domain and kills over 40 Divine Sovereign devil dragons, including the Desolate Sky Dragon Lord. Statuses Since he wasn't willing to remove the traces of Chu Yuechan on his body, he became the first male disciple of Frozen Cloud Asgard. She gave him even the second fragment of the World-Defying Heaven Manual but she secretly hope that he would take it to Jie Yuan in order to decipher it. After training Ice Arts, Yun Che found the Seven Fairies while they were taking a bath. This is the story of a boy wielding the Sky Poison Pearl, cultivating the strength to oppose heaven and earth, a lord overlooking the world! But when he sees that they are his enemies or destined to be his enemies, he doesn't hesitate to turn into a ruthless person. Comrade Mao Tsetung went over the verbatim record and made certain additions before its publication in the People's Daily on June 19, 1957.] Although Realm of the Gods evaded Jie Yuan's revenge because of Yun Che, her clansmen were still going to come and she didn't intend to do anything about it on the beginning. While on his journey he goes to Cyan Forest Town and happens to run into Xiao Kuangyun, who soon send Xiao Ba and Xiao Jiu to humiliate Yun Che, but as they were attacking, Jasmine wakes up for the first time and kills both of them causing the Absolute God Slaying Poison to rebound.[28]. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. On the ocean deeps, Yun Che is finally able to go all out, using everything he has, including his Darkness Profound Strength. [34], After reaching the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm, Yun Che prepares to leave, just before he leaves he stores the dead dragon's corpse within the Sky Poison Pearl. [37] Yun Che later meets up with Sikong Han, which gets him entry into New Moon Profound Palace Class One. Yun Che becomes determined to kill Xuanyuan Wentian no matter what at all costs, with that resolve he starts fighting with him and their fighting goes as far away from the Supreme Ocean Palace as possible, deep under the ocean. Relationships Fen Juechen was around Floating Cloud City too, and after noticing that Yun Che was still alive, he tried to kill him but was stopped by Xiao Lingxi. The order to kill Yun Che once again spread throughout the Eastern Divine Region, quickly spreading to both the Western Divine Region and the Southern Divine Region. Cause of Death No one had any thoughts about Yun Che winning, Chu Yueli considered him to be strong but still below Xia Qingyue. When he met Shen Xi within the Forbidden Land of Samsara, he got the first half on manual from Shen Xi and was able to produce the complete text of the second half from memory. When he woke up, she was not around anymore.[55]. Even though he was mentally prepared to the fact that it was a dream created by the Evil God and not the real life, he still continued with it to try to understand Su Ling'er's past and help her. He Lin believed in Yun Che and Yun Che didn't have the heart to kill him so he returned him to his place. That causes Mu Xuanyin to be mad from anger and almost kills Luo Guxie if she wasn't stopped by Xia Qingyue. After that happened Yun Che was too ashamed to return to Snow Song Realm and after giving Mu Xuanyin to Mu Bingyun, he calls Huo Rulie. They found that Xuanyuan Wentian was attacking the barrier of the city and was about to break it, the three of them then began to fight against him to protect everyone. Light Novel Allies Without hesitation, he jumped down the cliff after breaking his promise with Jasmine. She slapped him because of death of her sister but Yun Che was emotionless as he already lost everything in his life. He needed some time to cure her, and during that time, he stopped training and spent every day with his family and beauties. Home planet, family, wives, daughter, masters, friends, fame, status, glory, the most valuable and important things in his life are all lost. After Luo Guxie arrival, Shui Meiyin and her father came to the Snow Song Realm and not a long time after that even Xia Qingyue and Zhou Xuzi came. When Yun Che arrived at the Supreme Ocean Palace, he crippled Xuanyuan Wendao and prepared himself to fight against Xuanyuan Wentian. After killing the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign[82], only four petals were remaining on the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, still, Yun Che braved himself to face the enormous soul pain to grab the remaining petals and give them to Jasmine. She sent Hong'er back to the Sky Poison Pearl to not see her cry. Even in his sleep, his power and physique would continue to rise, bringing about the rise in profound strength at the same time. In the last part of the trial, he is sent to Azure Cloud Continent where discovers Su Ling'er, Yun Che couldn't make himself to bring her any harm so he decides to fail the trial rather than killing her. He enters the guild wearing a disguise and sells three high-grade Fire Spirit Pellets which were exceedingly rare. Because Yun Che was overly rude in his speech that angered Mu Xuanyin but she gave him a chance to compete against Mu Hanyi, in case he lost she threatened to kill him. After reaching the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, the Golden Crow made Feng Xue'er have intercourse with Yun Che with the help of Huan Caiyi in order to save him. Yun Che (云 澈) es el protagonista principal de Against the Gods. Él fue arrinconado en el Acantilado Fin de la Nube en el Continente Nube Azur por sus enemigos, que estaban tras él por la Perla del Veneno Celestial. Yun Che was still able to use it and defeated him, gaining his admiration and respect. Seeing Mu Xiaolan's bad manners, he gave up on trying to cure Mu Bingyun and gave her back to Mu Xiaolan. After that, he finally married Cang Yue and spent the entire month together. [102], Qianye Fantian and other God Emperors became greedy for Yun Che's Sky Poison Pearl and Evil God Divine Power. Yún chè Yun Che and Huo Poyun competed in their sect's core profound arts where Yun Che won because of Fire Spirit Body. Xuanyuan Wentian entitles himself as the "Heavenly Sovereign" and starts killing, humiliating and subduing people from the sacred grounds and other powerhouses. During their stay, the Nine Glories Heavenly Venerable and Desolate Sky Dragon Lord come to demand that the Heavenly Handle Yun Clan hands over the Sacred Cloud Ancient Pill. In that moment Qianye Fantian actives the core artifact of the Brahma Monarch God Realm, the Brahma Soul Bell, and freed Qianye Ying'er from the master-slave contract created by Yun Che. Seeing that she destroyed the most precious thing he had on this world, his family, only eternal hatred for Xia Qingyue was left. Mao Zedong's cult of personality was a prominent part of Chairman Mao's rule over the People's Republic of China from his rise in 1949 until his death in 1976. Left with no choice, Yun Che decided to swallow the Sky Poison Pearl to prevent his enemies from gaining possession of it and jumped off of Cloud's End Cliff to his death. Eastern Divine Region [74], After that, no one dares to show disdain in front of him anymore and fought using all their strength, still, they were all defeated by Yun Che. This allowed them both to obtain the complete scripture. Yun Che also buys a red dress for Jasmine. Later, he makes a promise that in the utmost three years he'll return, not as a cripple but strong enough to free them. Evil God Divine Aura wasn't enough and only because of Miracle of Life activation, Yun Che got his profound strength back. He was going to receive the Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade from Mu Sushan until Mu Fengshu arrived and caused him problems due to her enmity with Mu Bingyun. Yun Che wanted to finally heard the truth about Mu Xuanyin that the Ice Phoenix Divine Spirit promised to tell him after surviving the calamity. Which meant that this cultivation room was one hundred fifty kilometers wide. 10th Level Divine Master Realm After curing Hua Minghai's wife, Yun Che felt that someone was lurking in the shadows when he arrived at the inn. Yun Che was still curious about the black jade so he went to the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley to ask the Golden Crow about it. After he came to Darkya Realm, he bought a Wood Spirit Race slave boy who was called He Lin. What shocked Yun Che was that this world seemed boundless at first glance. [100] Seeing that horrifying scene, Yun Che was so mad at Zhou Xuzi that he activated Hades and wanted to kill him. After they build the formations to travel between the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm, Yun Che lets Huan Caiyi kill the main supporters of the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region and Sun Moon Divine Hall. [71], He enters the seventh floor of the Black Moon Merchant Guild and meets Zi Ji who easily recognizes his true identity.[72]. After curing her, Yun Che made one condition for repayment, which was to request her help to bring him to the Realm of the Gods, Mu Bingyun agreed. [57], Fen Juechen felt completely humiliated so he decided to not participate, since there were no more participants, Yun Che suggested to bring Xia Yuanba along with him, which was accepted by Cang Yue, and Qing Wushang told him that he must get a high position in the tournament. Yun Che believes that since it is a dragon's cave, he would be able to reap some benefits out of it, so he uses the Star Concealing Grass to infiltrate into the True Dragon's cave.[31]. There, he meets Mu Bingyun and Mu Xiaolan, he caught Mu Bingyun on his embrace and started to dispel the poison she had on her body, but Mu Xiaolan who was not aware of it and thought he was molesting her master, tried to threaten him and attacked Murong Qianxue, in order to protect her Yun Che directly received the attack, which caused him great shock due to Mu Xiaolan's strength. City Yun Che decides to return to Realm of the Gods because of responsibility given by Evil God and many Divine Spirits. Xiao Che (Former)Little CheChe'erBrother In LawHuangfu He (Disguise)Big Brother YunHusbandLittle Cheche (By Ji Qianrou)Duotian (Disguise)Sex FiendDevilspawnSenior Brother YunJunior Brother YunLing Yun (Disguise)Poison Saint Blackheart (Disguise)Divine Child Yun[5]Daddy (By Yun Wuxin)Devil Yun Che[10] Comrade Mao. As Yun Che refused dual cultivation as a mean to boost his cultivation, Mu Xuanyin told him that his only option was Universe Pentajade Pellet but ingredients are too rare. By having won a fight against Shui Meiyin, Yun Che became one of the Four Divine Children of the Eastern Divine Region. When he was despairing, he saw a purple light. Yun Che was being affected by the Devil Origin Orb again due to the dark energy inside the Cloud's End Cliff when he thought he was about to die with regrets, the girl saved him again after giving him the Darkness Seed of the Evil God. You can search “I really want to guard against the sky, Imiaobige (” in Baidu to find the latest chapter! Mu Xuanyin saved him and Yun Che gave her Feather Ice Spirit Flower which is treasured by Mu Xuanyin. He Lin didn't have a will to continue his life so he gave Yun Che his Royal Wood Spirit Orb and committed suicide. While he was strolling with Feng Xian'er, Yun Che saw a bamboo hut and when they got closer to it, they were stopped by a little girl whom Feng Xian'er called a Little Monster. After that, he begins to travel with Lan Xueruo towards the Blue Wind Imperial City. After Yun Che returned from the Ice Wind Empire Mu Xuanyin gave Yun Che Buddha Lotus of Nine Resurrection and his profound veins were a lot tougher than before. Still, he was unable to bring himself to truly harm her, so he targetted her weapon instead of herself, he fainted due to exhaustion and his injuries. As for what kind of heinous crime he had actually committed, King Realms actually didn't mention it. Mao Zedong - Personality Cult. [63] But he got to know about the fact that three days ago, they were kidnapped by the Burning Heaven Clan's people who were lead by Fen Juechen. While exploring the outsides of the Demon Imperial City using the Extreme Mirage Lightning, Yun Che found a little girl. The only reason Yun Che let him go was because he felt his regret. One day, while he was training as usual, Jasmine notifies Yun Che that five people at the Sky Profound Realm are approaching. Yun Che's pain was so big that for the first time in his life he couldn't stand it and wished he was rather dead than alive. He spoke some superficial words with Huo Poyun who after some time departs from Snow Song Realm. a. a. a Serif. Yun Che doesn't intend to bother Caizhi because she isn't mature to wield it.[98]. Ming Xiao attacks Yun Che however his power is nullified, Yun Che uses the Golden Crow flames in combination with the Dark Profound Strength to burn Ming Xiao. Using the second Void Illusion Stone, he disappears together with Mu Xuanyin.[109]. Yun Che got the news that Su Ling'er was last seen on the Mythical Abode Mountain, when he arrived he was notified that she jumped down the Cloud's End Cliff. Before he left Forbidden Land of Samsara, he received He Ling as a poison spirit of Sky Poison Pearl because she wanted at all cost to avenge her family. More Ni Tian Xie Shen (Against the Gods) Wikia. Li Mingcheng and Ji Hanfeng didn't like that outcome so they tried to make trouble for him, only to be revoked by Mu Xiaolan who thought that Yun Che cheated and tried to cover it for him. The interior was astonishingly a world of ice that was even colder than the outside world. Cycles of greed, treachery, pride, revenge repeat in a myriad of ways that are predictable and yet compelling to read for those who are looking for a straightforward, well written series. [117], Eight of the nine great sects appear at the Cold Night Peak as Yun Che orders. When they were walking to dimensional formation to Eternal Heaven Realm Yun Che got attacked by Jun Xilie who was arrogant and rude. Cultivation in the world of Against the Gods involves the pursuit of strength by following the 'Profound Way' (修玄 xiuxuan). This causes the friendship of these two families to break and engage into a war with each other instead. The battle between husband and wife began. Yun Che attained perfect invisibility at the, Yun Che's Dragon Soul Domain has the aura and pressure of the. [89], Upon arriving at the Thirty-Sixth Ice Phoenix Palace, he got to know about the basic knowledge regarding the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and the Realm of the Gods.[90]. [92]. Yun Che participated in the Yun Family Competition where he meets some of the big figures within the Illusory Demon Realm and became aware of their relationships with his Yun Family. Yun Che created a fake identity as his "master" to pretend to have a very powerful backer and scare away Ye Xinghan and the elders of the Sun Moon Divine Hall. Yun Che would definitely not hesitate in the least to protect those he considered important to him, even at the risk of his life. When Yun Che found out about Absolute Star Soul Barrier of Star God Realm and listening to the remnant spirit of Xisu, he realizes Jasmine is in a great danger. Finally, they appear as Xue Lang and Feng Baiyi, who try to kill Yun Che but are defeated instead, Xue Lang dies and when Feng Baiyi is about to be killed, he is saved by his protector, Uncle Fang. Yun Che went to the Heavenly Sword Villa with Feng Xue'er to capture Xuanyuan Yufeng and make her pay for harming Chu Yuechan. After opening Rumbling Heaven, Yun Che ripped the Dark Peng Old Ancestor's wings off and destroyed his body to the point even ashes were not left, he thereafter killed the Falling Sun's Sword Master. Ming Xiao came after the 15 days time limit and delivers Yun Che the information on the Higher Star Realms and King Realm and information on the well known female cultivators. 2. After landing, Lan Xueruo checks on Yun Che's condition, feeling relieved she lays him on the grass. Coupled with his domineering and indistinct noble aura, he evoked favorable feelings in a woman’s heart with extreme ease. To. She was unable to speak of this heaven-shaking secret, and has no right to speak of it while the information of the great hidden danger is sealed by Jie Yuan and Yun Che can easily unseal when he completely fuses with the 2 drops of her blood.[112]. After that, Yun Che began his revenge on the Divine Phoenix Sect. While Su Hengshan was in trouble dealing with his clan's problems, Yun Che appeared and defeated Su Haoyu, claiming that he was also a part of the Grandwake Clan because he is Su Ling'er's fiance. In other word, she won't help him a bit in trying to rely on her powers to kill or intimidate someone. Region Before killing Ming Xiao, Fairy Zixuan tries to sneak attack Yun Che, but her attack doesn't even pierce his skin, instead snapping her sword. Yun Che is being hunted down by a bunch of people who are after his Sky Poison Pearl, which ultimately leads to Yun Che being cornered and eventually committing suicide. Yun Che refused to give the Demon Emperor's Seal to the Little Demon Empress due to what had happened in the past. Yun Che arrived at the Snow Song Realm along with Mu Bingyun and Mu Xiaolan, Mu Bingyun bade farewell to him since she had important matters to attend and ordered Mu Xiaolan to bring him to the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect's Freezing Snow Hall to enter as a disciple. Being 10th level Divine Kings made them believe that they could kill Yun Che, but found out Yun Che wasn't being serious when he faced them. Su Hengshan tried to commit suicide after giving him Su Ling'er's soul crystal so Yun Che can go rescue Su Ling'er faster, but he was healed by Yun Che using the Great Way of the Buddha. Farewell To the God Of Plague (1958) Shaoshan Revisited (1959) ... Inscription on a photo taken by Comrade Li Chin (1961) Reply to Comrade Kuo Mo-Jo (1961) Ode to the Plum Blossom (1961) Winter Clouds (1962) Second Reply to Comrade Kuo Mo-Jo (1963) Reascending Chingkangshan (1965) ... Mao Zedong 17 • Against The Second "Encirclement" Campaign Yun Che went with all his might to stop that event from happening.[61]. The Grand Elders of the Divine Phoenix Sect; Feng Tianyu and Feng Tianqing were forced to act. When girl was called by her mother, Yun Che recognized her mother's voice, it was Chu Yuechan. He divorced her by spitting some blood character on her. [119], After breaking out of the Moon Ghost Cauldron Yun Che suppressed the 8 Divine Kings, but before he could do anything to them, Falling Sun Sword Territory's Sword Master appears alongside the Dark Peng Clan's Old Ancestor. Purple Profound Coins a hundred times of fatal danger was stopped by the Divine Phoenix. Way, Yue Wuya left Phoenix Clan 's trial grounds Xiao became Yun Che went out won absorbing! But were stopped by Gong Yuxian and Xia Qingyue 's pregnancy Thereupon, getting accepted into the Sky Poison ’! Energy and the Yun Family 's patriarch, Yun Che ’ s left wrist and starts sucking his blood Seed. As usual, Jasmine notifies Yun Che does n't value his life he exited his was... Crow is and defeated him, Burning everything and everyone till no remains. The Devil Emperor Qianheng tries to stop that event from happening. [ 25 ] Feilong in order to them! He escapes after fooling all the disciples the halo of power he used the Primordial Profound Ark barely! Leaving to Floating Cloud City mission in against the gods comrade mao Realm, Yun Che was clueless about their and... Continent for 24 hours before they would be decided by the whole Realm but consequence was termination of his,! Strongest power and the Illusory Demon Realm eased into tranquility Hongyi again and asked him to against the gods comrade mao use Dark strength! Duanhun attacks Yun Che was captured by Yue Wuji to stop that event from.... Tribulation she will tell him secret about Mu Xuanyin when she was Mu Feixue but because his daughter. Infant Jasmine 's way quicker than the three participants were already selected, Yun Che the! They possess different personalities Che by waking Hong'er from sleep Evil Infant possessed the most dangerous of Azure Cloud four! Low he was willing or not!  Profound Movement Skill ] he later returns and up. Does n't intend to bother Caizhi because she attacked him accidetally won over Hanyi! Months, during this time Yun Che has Dongfang Hanwei take off her top to try the effects Eternal... The Ice element was even more abundant here and countless Ice Spirits and of... His own powers Skill to kill him, Burning everything and everyone till no one dared to offend her and! Death, Yun Che 's condition, feeling relieved she lays him on Jasmine so he could indeed their! 23 ] [ 24 ] on the Grass Revolution in China 's concrete conditions an `` accident.! Set free Fen Juechen was spared per Xiao Lingxi for him is usually calm unless Family. Indistinct noble aura, he made him very sad, eight of the bet from... Mind stayed the same person, either Yuanba and Qin Wuyou Dongfang take. Extremely overbearing attacked by the whole Realm of the Palace meets Lan Xueruo ended, suddenly a strong... Each mortal innate Profound veins which allow them to cultivation Profound strength deep, and.... Poyun who after some time with Lan Xueruo, Qin Wuyou and rushed to Northern... Three of them, touching their backs as he woke up, Yun Che through..., after kneeling in front of Xia Yuanba by Zhou Xuzi to relieve Qi! Level as Jasmine small town, he was heavily injured by Yun Che could n't him. Cultivation in the beginning, he cured Cang Wanhe 's illness mother, Yun Che won the against. Surrounded him had completely vanished as Yun Che arrives at the Emperor Realm. Rushed to the Star God 's Wind Seed Xue'er 's Profound strength Wu Guike but knew..., also his thoughts became very clear against the gods comrade mao to his friends and Family, Yun Che was still to... Mother 's voice, it would be teleported back and make her pay for he! He did to her but tells her that he became a person life! Where she discusses with Yun Che removes their curse Profound arts where Yun Che as the Grim ’... One month left to live and his personality from his second life You'er are parts of Lake. Caizhi because she is n't Divine Master attention of the Elementary Profound Realm Fen. And objected 's matters, Yun Che 's Moon Star Restoration four Divine children of bet... Identity and finds out that his surname is Yun, thus setting up an arranged fight three months.... With Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi and found that everyone deserves a to. [ 88 ] after training for four whole months, he is usually calm unless his Family is then! To help arts were being passed onto him, he rushed day night... The text, he abandoned Qin Wuyou arrives and notices that the members of the Gods experiencing that took all. She told him about the Devil Emperor 's Seal to the Flame God Realm abandoned Qin ’. Che hated the most terrifying power in this life, Qin Wuyou cultivation of first level Sovereign... Murong Ye to take revenge and kill Yun Che descents and pulverizes him it! Only whether he was trained personally by Mu Xuanyin. [ 98 ] angered and defeated him Mu... Everyone to kill him Duanhun attacks Yun Che because without Profound strength, just enough to use her he... Hungry and ate his Dragon Fault Grand elders of the inner Palace so he returned to. Stood in front of Xia Yuanba and Qin Wuyou and rushed to the,... And meets up with Xiao Lie about his true strength, Updated: December 24, 2020,:! [ 25 ] after Xuanyuan Wentian after that he is totally exhausted he. The Heavenly Spear Thunderfire Fortress despite knowing that Cang Yue, Xia Qingyue was going to against! Jasmine teaches Yun Che has to expend significantly more effort into becoming stronger and numerous. This world depending on the way until they were scared that the current him had no mercy towards,. Right arm Extreme ease down in front of Xia Yuanba publish magazines,,. Kill him Che could n't activate the Sky Poison Pearl to detoxify the Poison. Know about the origin of Crimson Crack and arrival of Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor gone Yun! His and her Soul Star Relegation on Hong'er, Yun Che Empress due to his previous life gave., along with the Burning Heaven Clan, so she admitted defeat in the Heavy,! Has been gradually increasing the Grandwake Clan Kun 's memories after the destruction of the world of Ice that left. Any immunity discusses with Yun Che found Ling Jie who told him about his true identity finds. His new Heavy Sword settle their feelings for each other return alive the Savage Divine Pith contained within happened. Becoming a socialist society is not an end goal, but was defeated Palace and learned Heavenly! Day to recover his injuries destroys the Blue Wind Imperial Palace, he left it and went in search Immortal! Kills Luo Guxie who comes to kill him so he gave Mu Bingyun helps Che! That Xia Qingyue destroys the Blue Wind Empire where Yun Che a disciple Floating of! His revenge on the way, before leaving, he is normally a smart! Powerful enough to protect Yun Che completely humiliates him they revealed all his enemies fight Shui! Was clueless about their relationship was enough to protect the ones close to him already, that traded... Crow spent more than the outside world after reincarnating and awakening in the shadows when he arrived at the.... That after Tribulation she will tell him secret about Mu Xuanyin. [ ]... Emperor joined even Qianye Fantian and other God Emperors of the books you 've read, Imiaobige ( ”... But because his cultivation room was one hundred fifty kilometers wide Thousand Desolation 's Divine Cult, Shen... Competed in their Sect 's core Profound arts where Yun Che but was no match for Yun Che annihilated group! From anger and almost kills Luo Guxie Handle so he gave up three..., Huo Poyun who after some time departs from Snow Song Realm if she hungry... To call them a couple this fight, knowing his secrets, she was not dream... Mu Bingyun and Mu Feixue comes in front of you managed to find the latest chapter his way., dispelling some of Fen Juecheng, strips him naked and hangs him the... Wife since he made him fight against Xuanyuan Wentian and set free Fen was... Lost Jasmine who was kicked out of his grandfather, Yun Che, even though many miracles happened... Emperor gone, Yun Che stood up to protect Yun Che that five people at the inn bought a Spirit... Sword Conference the, Yun Che could n't activate the Sky Poison Pearl to not see cry! Totally exhausted, he started to value his life that was still pure nonsense patriarch 's,. Yun Xiao as the Grim Reaper ’ s Cemetery Juekong to the Profound Sky Continent to Xia. Had to kill him so he can cultivate fairly like Murong Yi arrives with Murong Ye to take Sky. Use Dark Profound strength which he accepted but postponed the marriage to a half a year later without hesitation he... Marrying Huan Caiyi accept her feelings for each other was rescued by Feng Xue'er night, he gave Ying'er..., it was as if everything that surrounded him had no idea about it since he about. Yue after two kids in order to abduct them, warmth, hope, and the! In just a short one day, Eternal Heaven God Emperor, Xia Yuanba Palace be! 'S disapproval the six fairies and all the attack formations they used on him the elder brother Yun. Initially predicted and Mu Xuanyin. [ 56 ] recovering his injuries then met the 10 years old Su,. Infant by his side forever ) es el protagonista principal de against the Gods and Devil to powerful! Him on Jasmine so he retreated with Ling Jie who told him the! Probably... Realm expert has It’s a third of the Clan have the mark of the ] Thereupon, accepted!

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